The joys of soft play part two. 


Loving it.
I’ve written about soft play before and my love/hate (ok mostly hate) relationship with this place. And yet I find myself here for the second day in a row. What has happened to lead to this delightful turn of events I hear you ask? 

Well mainly, the toddler has aged a bit. I no longer have to scale foam mountains to pull him down and go down slides with him. We set up camp and off he goes. He checks back in with me every 15 minutes or so (although I still have moments of ‘where the fuck is he?’) and pure panic sets in when I can’t see him anywhere. 

The soft play centre I’ve discovered is really small. Which helps with the ‘where the fuck is he?’ moments. 

It’s not too busy in the week therefore the noise level is just about tolerable. The toddler can burn off energy while I can drink a cup of tea in, erm, very unpeaceful conditions. 

It reminds me how well behaved my toddler boy actually is. There’s nothing like other people’s children to remind you of this fact. Smug mummy alert indeed. 

Edit: the toddler has been returned to me by a member of staff ‘he was crying in the ball pit and couldn’t find you’. Erm. Best scarper before I’m branded a negligent mother. And it was all going so well. 🙈



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