Let me introduce us…

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Almost two years ago our little boy Atticus was born, and changed our lives forever. We then decided that life wasn’t nearly chaotic enough, and that adding another small child into the mix would be a good idea… And here we are now, Monday 20th July 2015. Almost three months on from the birth of Primrose, life is indeed frenetic, crazy, sometimes stressful, but pretty wonderful. This blog will showcase bits of our everyday, the good, the bad, and the tantrums!

So, let me begin by introducing you to my small but perfectly formed family:

Me: I’m Charlotte, 29 years old (coming up on 30, yikes), I’m an advanced skills teacher of History and write ever couple of weeks for the babycentre blog. I love clashing prints on my babies, old school R n B and documentaries about prison. I’m pretty useless at parking any car (however small) and anything geographical. (Apologies to the kids I used to teach geography to – wind does not come from the moon I’ve since discovered).

The husband: Simon, 29 years old (30 in a month, double yikes). Managing surveyor, obsessed with audio books, science fiction and films. Hates shopping for clothes (how he’s stayed married to me for so long I’ll never know) and mushrooms.

Atticus: 1 year 11 months. Full time toddler. Loves playing with the screws in daddy’s toolbox, his tiger and dolphin, and making a mess with paint. Does not enjoy having his face wiped, being told no and sitting still for very long.

Primrose: 13 weeks. Teeny tiny girl. Loves mummy, sitting in her nuna leaf and smiling. Dislikes being made to wait for a nap and being cuddled too strongly by big bro.

And in a nutshell, that’s us. More to follow!


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